Unorthodox Girl

Created By: Eric, Lord Sabre

Current Author: Eric, Lord Sabre


Appears In: The Adventures of the Adjusted League Unimpeachable

"Delta Level powers. Unorthodox Girl is rated Gamma Level due to her association with the Adjusted League Unimpeachable. Note that certain past associations with the Bureau have not gone well. Unorthodox Girl should be considered hostile in any circumstance...."

Mega-Intellegence Bureau Assessment

"...what I can't get over is Trudy's strength. By the time we broke into the M.I.B. Lab, she had already been psychologically and physically tortured. When we found her, she was naked, filthy, bloodied from fresh and old, infected wounds, and malnourished. She was shaking, barely able to stand, and someone had cut off all her hair. Even her eyebrows. But despite all that, when we got there she had successfully escaped and defeated her tormenter. I'll never forget that. And the look in her eyes as she approached us will haunt me for the rest of my life...."

Private Correspondence, Dianna Potentiate to Chalandra Harkness

"The failure of Project: Unorthodox Scheme can be attributed to a number of sources. We can't deny Richard Less's apparent part in it, but beyond that it is apparent that we underestimated Unorthodox Girl herself. Despite her youth and despite the horrors inflicted on her by her father, growing up, she proved to be unbreakable, resourceful, and perceptive. In the end, that proved more than Special Agent Olson could take...."

Report on the PUS Project by Special Special Agent Thomas Kim

Real Name: Trudy Galloway

Aliases: Unorthodox Lass, Trudy Unorthodox

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