The Superguy Altiverse

The world of Superguy has been created and developed for six years by close to two dozen people, perhaps more. As a result, we can't possibly provide comprehensive information about it on this Web site. But the links below will give you a cross-section of Superguy, with information about some of its characters, past storylines, the teams of heroes and villains that struggle for the best seats in the movie house, and so forth.

Gary Olson puts out an annual History of the Superguy Altiverse that summarizes every recorded event in this shared world's history. It's the definitive source for catching up quickly on what's already happened.


Heroes: The superguys themselves, fighting for truth, justice, and fine malt beverages!

Organizations: World-spanning conspiracies and powerful contracting firms.

Personalities: Sidekicks and innocent bystanders.

Places: Visit lovely downtown Bob City. Bring a raincoat.

Teams: Heroes by the handful! Volumes of villains!

Things: Alien artifacts! Ultra-powerful vehicles! Comfortable footwear!

Villains: More plans for Total Global Domination (tm) than you can shake a schtick at.

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