The Masked Bruce

Created By: Bill Paul and Eric, Lord Sabre

Current Author: Eric, Lord Sabre


Appears In: The Adventures of the Adjusted League Unimpeachable

1993 Golden Grunion Nomination

"We are forced to rate the Masked Bruce at Beta Level, due to the sheer power and versatility of the xenotechnology at his command, and his obvious facility with it. The xenotechnology in question forms much of the technological basis of the team as a whole, and it is clear that securing access to this technology should be a Bureau priority. Of course, with the fallout from Project: Unorthodox Scheme, we have to tread carefully around the Adjusted League Unimpeachable for some time. As for the reports of the Masked Bruce's so-called native powers, Agents are reminded that we are in a business where disinformation is the rule of the day. It is safe to say that if the Masked Bruce does in fact possess super powers, they are of a nature not known, and have nothing to do with the wild reports given....

Mega-Intellegence Bureay Assessment

"You've asked me how I could fall in love with Mike. Well, its hard to say. But easy, too. He's so sweet and attentive, but he doesn't make a big production out of it. He makes a joke out of the nicest gestures, which takes the pressure off of me, if you get right down to it. He's sweet without expecting an award for it. And he lets me choose my own pace and he makes me laugh. But then, he makes everyone laugh...."

Personal Correspondance, Jane West-Garrick Allen to Marjorie MacPherson

"He is a fool! A jackanape who shall taste his own blood before I kill him. He dared mock us -- mock the coming of the Perfect Reich under the Destiny of Andy Awe-Inspiring! He shall rue the day he dismissed me. He is called Un-KAL Mil-TEE I am told -- the bringer of Chaos through humor. He summons powers based on Monty Python sketches. He is a trickster God -- Loki made flesh -- and he shall fall before our power! I swear the next time we meet, it shall be the Masked Bruce who hangs by a hook -- from the dead flesh of his bare back...."

The Writings of Mensch, Personal Aide to Andy Awe-Inspiring

Real Name: Michael Green

Aliases: Officer Mike Green, X.D.F., "Bruce"

Sobriquets: The Pythonic Powerhouse, The Xolchipalian Gladiator, the Delusionary Dunce ("Hey! Who put that in there!? Trudy... I'm going to kill you...")

Status: Active Member of The Adjusted League Unimpeachable. Officer of The Xolchipalian Defense Forces on detached duty to Earth. Un-KAL Mil-TEE and Bringer of Chaos. President, National Society of Monty Python Addicts. In a relationship with The Dash.

Notes: Mike Green first appeared at the graduation party of The Awesome Force. The Masked Bruce was a major character in The Industrial Revolution. An older version of the character named Leftenant Commander Michael Green, X.D.F. is a supporting character (and commander of the Spinward Reach Xolchipalian Defense Forces) in 2035: A Decidedly Different Superguy Story.

Known Powers: The Masked Bruce is an Un-KAL Mil-TEE. The Un-KAL Mil-TEE are natural disruptions and wielders of the universal Quantum Absurdity field, enabling them to wield the powers of chaos itself. Each Un-KAL Mil-TEE must choose a form for the power to assume. The Masked Bruce has chosen Monty Python. As a result, he is capable of summoning Monty Python sketches at will, forcing other people around him to take part in them. He can also manipulate the script of those sketches to match the situation and produce the desired effect. He can summon props and even characters (all based around the original Python cast, plus Neil Innes, Carol Cleveland, Connie Booth, Mrs. Idle, and so forth) to assist in these endeavors. Beyond these powers, the Masked Bruce has also been trained by the Xolchipalian Defense Forces, giving him terrific skill in combat, using alien equipment and the like. It has also given him highly practical technical abilities, which allow him to understand, construct and maintain Xenotechnology far beyond anything possible by Earth science. As an Officer in the Xolchipalian Defense Forces, the Masked Bruce wears their uniform which he can cause to appear automatically with his Xolchaportation Xolchapreparer. He also wields a standard X.D.F. Tihorn. The Masked Bruce also designed and maintains the A.L.U. Emergency Locator Beacons and their Xolchacomm Xolchacommunications Net. Away from Xenotechnology, Mike Green is a licensed Emergency Medical Technician and one Hell of a spitter.

Description: The Masked Bruce wears the standard uniform of the Xolchipalian Defense Forces, which is essentially a red and silver science fiction uniform with coat, flight boots and leather belt and holster. It looks really really cool though, and not at all dorky. Really. He also has a bare domino mask over his eyes (giving his name) which invokes the Mask Principle to protect his identity. He has brown eyes and straight brown hair which is utterly perfect at all times. No matter what occurs, the Masked Bruce never seems to have a hair out of place. Indeed, his hair is so stunningly impressive that some thieves have surrendered out of respect for his hair alone. The Masked Bruce is almost always smiling and enjoying himself, joking and lightening situations with levity. He is an incorrigable prankster and (at best) a raconteaur.

Origin Story: "Off on the Road to Xolchipalia." Note that Origins V is scheduled to feature a more advanced Origin Story for The Masked Bruce.

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