Created by: Lawrence Brown, aka Amigoid

Current author: Lawrence Brown

Email: lbrown@cisco.com

Real name: Lawrence Brown (yeah, I did it too...)

Status: Active and founding member of West Coast Defenders.

Notes: Spectrum first appeared in the SPECTRUM series before becoming one of the original West Coast Defenders. He is now appearing in West Coast Defenders.

Known Powers: Spectrum is a parahuman nexus of energy, from all dimensions and altiverses. He can 'gate' energies both ways, so he can take a energy blast and gate it out to a different altiverse. Gateing more than one form of energy at the same time takes intense concentration, and more than once he has been left vunerable to a undetected attack. He is still exploring his potential, and has manifested unusual energy forms, such as metabolic, kinetic, nervous, anti-radar, hydraulic, thermal, sexual, and gravitational energy. Basically if he can conceptualize something as being a form of energy, he can gate it, even if its as obscure as magical or life energy. Currently, he can project blasts of energy, but cannot drain energy at range; to gate away energy it has to be directed at him in some fashion. A byproduct of his powers gives him extremely fast healing ability; he's able to heal broken bones in approximately an hour. He also doesn't need sleep, so Spectrum will go for days without any rest at all. He can engage in heavy physical exertion without tiring. While he has the stats of a olympic-grade athlete, he can use his powers to augment his abilities. (Project Anti-gravity to lift heavy objects, increase mental/nervous energy to enhance reaction time.) His powerlevel is at least beta, and may develop beyond current levels to alpha.

Spectrum normally wears close-fitting custom battle armor, see ManCo PoWerArmor. Armor has been stolen, presumed destroyed.

Description: Spectrum is 6'3, muscular 240 pounds. Heroic physical condition, with short curly black hair. Clean shaven with a strong jawline and dimples. Blue eyes. Age is early thirties. Normal senses.

Note:Spectrum originated in another dimension as a mild-mannered computer professional, who was sucked into his monitor due to a malfunctioning soul-stealing process devised by the demonic form of Bill Gates. He hit an energy nexus and was stuck in the opening, until he was rescued by his authorial counterpart, the Amigoid. The author's contact with his own supercharged construct drained the author of a small amount of EDIT which cleared the altiversal logjam and blew Spectrum into the Superguy Altiverse. Spectrum still can not say "edit" without strange, unpredictable things happening around him. He is still confused as to the reality of his existance, since he knows all of the characters from back when he was 'real' reading about them on usenet. Unknown to him it is all a delusion that was put in his memory prior to his creation.

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