Sarah Conner

Created by: Chris Meadows

Current author: Chris Meadows


Real name: [Princess] Sarah [of the Terranian Royal House of] Conner

Known Aliases: None

Status: Princess of the tiny European nation of Terrania; Member of Team M.E.C.H.A. before the Industrial Revolution caused it to break up.

History: Sarah Conner was one of the more attractive girls at Rachel Garrett Memorial High School. She eventually became Adam Douglas's girlfriend, and even started learning to use handguns and rifles. When Dr.Zwarghoff took over Garrett Falls, she, Adam Douglas, and Adam's brother Lincoln managed to escape. While carrying out guerilla operations against Zwarghoff, the Douglases met up with Team M.E.C.H.A. After defeating Zwarghoff, they joined up.

In the miniseries, On the Care and Feeding of Unicorns, shortly after the Bob City MegaCrossover, Sarah went shopping in the nearby town of Springfield, Missouri. At this time she was kidnapped by agents of the evil Baron de Hevilode and the misguided Archbishop of Terrania, who mistook her for her sister, the princess Ariella Conner. Taken back to the small European nation of Terrania, Sarah met the sister she never knew she had and was soon able to rescue the Unicorn of Terrania, defeat Hevilode's evil plans, and make the Archbishop see the light (with help from Ariella, Robert, and Scholarman).

After Team M.E.C.H.A. split up in the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution, Sarah returned with her sister and Robert to Terrania to prepare for Ariella's wedding.

Known powers: Very rudimentary grasp of hermetic magic. Basic hand-to-hand and mecha combat skills. Pilots a VR-038-LT Cyclone cycle. Often carries an energy pistol or other advanced weapons.

Description: DOB 1/20/76, 5'7", brown hair (slightly shorter than her twin sister Ariella's), brown eyes, 135 lbs. She typically wears red CVR-3 armor, of the same type as Rook from Robotech, or standard civilian clothes (blue jeans or dress, T-shirt).

Major Appearances:

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