What The Heck's An Amigoid?

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Warning: Too much Diet Mountain Dew!

Name: Lawrence H. Brown aka the Amigoid

Amigoid: License Plate '91 Probe, == Amiga Computer Nut.

Addr: 1220 Tasman Drive #214, Sunnyvale CA 94089

Age: 31 (almost 32!) Birthday: December 21, 1962 at Noon.

Sign: Sagitorn or Capricarius. Cusp Baby and all that rot.

Stats: 6'3", 275 pounds. Yeah, another Hoss.

In Real Life: Network Admin - Cisco Systems, Community Services Project, Special Assistant to the CEO

Notable Bits: Founder of two Amiga Users Groups. Spearheading a project to create a ISDN WAN through an entire local school district and also link them to the internet. Some college, some tech, no degree. Was in the Navy 4 years and then started at the bottom, ok? You book-heads gotta problem with that? (-:

White-bread Yuppie Republican with a Sick and Twisted Mind, and a wife who is my muse and a chiropractor. Married 11 years. Baby due this September. Raised Christian, Married a Fundamentalist, Still plays Champions and Reads Comics to maintain sanity. Hates PowerRangers, Loves Animaniacs, Especially Slappy. Born and Raised in Oklahoma. Animal Lover. Thinks Robin Williams is God. Comfortable at 12000 feet in a small plane or 60 feet underwater or in front of hundreds of people, with no script. Practising Thespian. Karaoke Master. Fascinated with Japanese Culture. Unix Sysadmin. Knows Macs, PeeCees, X-windows, SGI, NeXT, etc... Able to fit an entire tennis ball in my mouth comfortably. First Place Winner in Carmen Miranda Lookalike Contest at Company Picnic. Familiar with BASIC, C, Assembler, Japanese, and Redneck. Hates Country Music, Listens to Enya and likes it. Thinks Kate Bush sounds like Cindy Lauper singing with a Pakistani Street Band on Acid. Reads X-Men.

Body Composition: Replaced 50% of body's water with Diet Mountain Dew.



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July 21, 1994

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