ManCo PoWerArmor

Created by: Lawrence Brown, aka Amigoid

Current author: Lawrence Brown

Email: lbrown@cisco.com

Description: The ManCo PoWerArmor was designed by Dr. Hans K. Cheef for the superhero called Spectrum. It is simular in shape and style to some of the Marvel Comics(TM) Iron Man armor designs, with a touch of the sleeker anime battlesuit style mixed in. All white, with a rainbow stripe running diagonally from one shoulder to the opposite hip, with a full head helmet that resembles Wolverine's(TM) mask. Translucent sheets of webbing stretches from the wrists along arms to hips to form glide wings that can be extended when Spectrum's just riding the thermals without power.

The suit has full comm systems, scrambler/descrambler, improved optics, hyrdralic strength boosters, telemetry and life support. Built from similar stats as Bulletproof's armor, it is much more form-fitting, since it has no weapons systems or power supplies. The armor can withstand enormous damage, and when disassembled fits into a large custom briefcase.

The suit contains internal and external receptors, allowing Spectrum to power the suit with his super-energy, and to project Spectrum's energy blasts.

It was originally designed by Hans as a way to fleece the military into a huge contract for a super-suit that everyone assumed gave the wearer super-powers. Nobody knew, until after the Industrial Revolution that the actual source of all the powers was Spectrum.

The armor is currently missing, stolen by Lemurs.

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