Super Lemur Boy Frinku-Frinku!

Created by: Daniel Pawtowski, aka Gadge

Current author: Lawrence Brown


Real name: Unknown

Status: Missing, Presumed Dead

Notes: Super Lemur Boy appeared once, briefly, in the Industrial Revolution.

Known Powers: Super Lemur Boy was a young mage who, with the power of his magic amulet, could take on the powers and abilities of the nearest animal. Unfortunately, the nearest animal at that precise moment happened to be a Lemur. To make matters worse, he was surrounded by Daleks. Daleks loathe Lemurs. Its assumed he died in the fight. But the body was never found.

Description: Super Lemur Boy was an anthromorphic Lemur, of human dimensions, with all the abilities and attitude of a superguy Lemur.

Note: The magical amulet, now keyed to the power of the mighty Lemur, was not recovered, either.

Can you say plot device?

Major Appearances:

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