The Mighty Muddy Power Grangers

Created by: Lawrence Brown, aka Amigoid

Current author: Lawrence Brown


Real names: See Below

Status: Active

Notes: The Grangers first appeared in SPECTRUM #3 as the Farm Punks, before becoming supervillians.

Known Powers: The Grangers all gained their powers in an accident at the Odd Science Convention, where they were hired by the evil brothers Wierd and Psuedo Science. While distracting the locals, they were hit by a blast of hyperspacial energy caused by the explosion of the Qwyntor Hyperdrive. They were given costumes and giant 30' tall farm robots that drew upon the hyperspacial energy of the teenaged pilots (much like the ManCo PoWerArmor does for Spectrum. They all wear color-coded costumes, and wear full helmets that make their voices sound clipped and asian, sometimes malfuntioning and broadcasting in foreign languages. In addition they each have their own special abilities.


BOBBY-JOE-JIMBO, aka HELLHOUND, Black Granger. He pilots a giant dog, with a tremendous fire attack from its mouth. Pyromanic. He's Beavis.

JIMMY-JIM-BO-JOE, aka REAPER, Green Granger. He pilots a giant combine, which can shred cars and other debris and belch it out as lethal projectiles. In hand to hand, he fights with a traditional scythe. Yep...Butthead.

JOE-BOB-JIMBO, aka BULL, Blue Granger. He is the resident tech, who learned the secrets of the team's armor from Dr. Hans K. Cheef. His giant bull can ram for heavy damage, and the horns can generate a dangerous electrical blast attack.

BILLY-JOE-JIM-BOB, aka MULE, Pink Granger. He is the dense stereotypical farm hick. He is completely invunerable to attacks that he is not aware of. His mule mecha can kick, and sports a powerful suction from its mouth.

Pinto Sally, aka SUPERCHICK, Red Granger. Superchick is a ultra-sexy farmer's daughter, with pigtails, freckles, and a turbo-libido. Her giant chicken can generate strong gusts of wind, and is the only mecha that can fly. She can fire a blast from the pecker (er, beak) of her mecha, and the talons are very sharp. Her red suit is tight and very low cut. She has a special ability to cloud men's minds with the aura of pheromones that radiates around her at will. The scent has no effect on females, or immature giant squid.

In times of heavy opposition, the team cries out "Let Our Powers Combine!" and the giant battle robots merge to form the Rooster D.Structoid, a nigh unstoppable 80' tall monstrocity with claws, a massive cannon, hooves, and a horned rooster head.

It took the combined power of three superteams to destroy the Mega-menace! But as soon as they can gather the funds they'll be back with new mecha.

Note: While their suits and armor were originally built by Dr. Hans K. Cheef, between them they have the skills to maintain their own equipment. They stick together as a team in almost all situations, except for Superchick, their ruthless leader, who sometimes solo's.

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