Trapdoor Spider Man

Created by: Lawrence Brown, aka Amigoid

Current author: Lawrence Brown

Email: lbrown@cisco.com

Real name: Unknown

Status: Active and founding member of West Coast Defenders.

Notes: Trapdoor Spider Man first cameoed in the SPECTRUM series before becoming one of the original West Coast Defenders. He is now appearing in West Coast Defenders.

Known Powers: Trapdoor Spider Man lives underground, his origin shrouded in mystery. Drawn to evil, he strikes suddenly and without warning, popping out of a concealed hole in the ground. He can spin webs, tunnel through just about anything, and has a venomous bite. He is very strong, and his body is nearly bulletproof. He can see in the dark very easily and has tracking skills.

Description: Trapdoor Spider Man is man-sized huge hairy spider with multiple eyes and terrible mandibles. He can use his multiple arms independently, and speaks in a rasping voice. He is downright scary to look at, but stays out of sight.

Note: Trapdoor Spider Man is secretly an agent of the MOOse Illuminati, and spends most of his time hacking cyberspace, monitoring all the world wide webs. His codename is SpiderMOOse.

Major Appearances:

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