Created by: Lawrence Brown, aka Amigoid

Current author: Lawrence Brown

Email: lbrown@cisco.com

Real name: Foxy Lady

Status: Active and founding member of West Coast Defenders.

Notes: Foxy first appeared in SPECTRUM #2. She is now appearing in West Coast Defenders.

Known Powers: Foxy was a cartoon female fox, originally yanked from the cartoon dimension by a accidental use of EDIT by the hero, Spectrum. An accident caught her in an explosion of hyperspatial energy, which changed her into a anthromorphic female fox. While she is no longer tiny or toonie, she has still retained her toon-like resistance to physical attacks. The hyperspatial energy robbed her of her immunity to energy attacks.

Recently she has begin to exhibit psionic abilities that allow her to 'outfox' her opponent. She is still not consiously aware of her newfound power.

Description: Foxy is 5'9, with the body of a slim young woman, covered with short reddish fur, and a fox head. She has a long bushy tail. Foxy has the enhanced abilities of a fox, and is very nimble and acrobatic. Age is unknown.

Note: Foxy carries a pistol/headset in combat, stolen from a TONN trooper in a early battle. The pistol is very similar in form and funtion to the Zillion gun from the Anime of the same name. Foxy is deeply in love with Spectrum.

Major Appearances:

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