Dr. Hans K. Cheef

Created by: Lawrence Brown, aka Amigoid

Current author: Lawrence Brown

Email: lbrown@cisco.com

Real name: Dr. Hans K. Cheef

Status: Inactive, last seen headed for Nepal

Notes: Dr. Hans K. Cheef first appeared in SPECTRUM #1.

Known Powers: Hans was a brilliant scientist and weapons engineer, with a greedy scheme to fleece the federal government. He was on the run from a pair of cyborg robots called ZOOMERS. Suddenly (and without warning), Spectrum appeared overhead out of nowhere, and in the ensuing fight drove off the zoomers. Hans spotted his golden opportunity, and designed the ManCo PoWerArmor for Spectrum to use. Everyone assumed the powers Spectrum wielded came from the armor, and so Hans was quickly kidnapped by villians in order to steal the secrets of the PoWerArmor. He was forced to build armor and giant animal mecha for The Mighty Muddy Power Grangers. He escaped soon afterwards, and was last seen fleeing Bob City with his mother for "someplace safer", like Nepal.

Description: Dr. Hans K. Cheef is a short balding nondescript scientist in a white lab coat. Average physical condition. Genius of armor and weapons design. Age is early fifties. Normal senses.

Note: Dr. Hans K. Cheef has forsworn the whole superhero scene, and with a couple of suitcases of cash stolen from the Mighty Muddy Power Grangers, he is in retirement. While he is catagorized as a villian, he is not evil, just greedy. He did shelter and help train Spectrum, Foxy, and Fuzzy Bunny through their early days.

Major Appearances:

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