Created by: Lawrence Brown, aka Amigoid

Current author: Lawrence Brown

Email: lbrown@cisco.com

Real name: Zoomer Unit Number

Status: Active

Notes: Zoomers first appeared in SPECTRUM #1.

Known Powers: Zoomer cyborg robots are disquised as humans, but are killer robots under their fake skin. They are fast, strong, and equipped with various energy weapons.

They were designed by the evil villain brothers, Doctors Weird and Psuedo Science.

Description: Zoomers look like normal people, until they take what would normally be serious damage, if they were normal. Then they shed their skins and jump into action.

Note: A specially designed Zoomer Rat was created to help the brother's Science escape the Really Hard To Get Out Of Place. It can be assumed that other Zoomer designs may exist.

Major Appearances:

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