Team M.E.C.H.A./Force Ten/Spectrum/Space Moose Crossover

Created by: Chris Meadows aka Robotech_Master

Created by: Jesse Taylor aka Shadowy Writer

Created by: Lawrence Brown aka Amigoid

Created by: Daniel Pawtowski aka Gadge

Description: The first of two crossovers between the assorted heros. The Odd Science Convention. The Qwyntor Hyperdrive. Summer meets the Nanites. The explosion. The Grangers, Foxy, Overdog, and especially Summer, changed forever. The battle with the Invid, with Marie and Force Ten's foes. Dr. Hans Cheef kidnapped. Everyone meets Space Moose. Dr. Odd Science confronts his evil brothers, Weird and Pseudo Science. Dr. Odd Science kidnapped and rescued.

Story List

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