Created by: Lawrence Brown, aka Amigoid

Current author: Lawrence Brown

Email: lbrown@cisco.com

Real name: Beethoven, the Macys Float

Status: Inactive, last seen over Saint Johns Hospital in Springfield

Notes: Overdog first appeared in SPECTRUM #3.

Known Powers: Overdog was a harmless helium balloon, floating in a Thanksgiving Day parade, until he was yanked from the real world by a accidental use of EDIT by the hero, Spectrum. In a heated battle (see Spectrum Crossover #5), SPACE MOOSE grabbed Overdog and used him as a giant shield/airbag to protect the children's wing of the hospital. Overdog had several holes, which SPACE MOOSE repaired quickly. The combined exposure of hyperspatial radiation and helium-laced MOOsey Breath awakened a semi-intellegence within and gave him his superpowers. He can regenerate and reinflate at will.

Description: Overdog is a Saint Bernard the size of a house. He has a limited awareness, attracted to the emotions of children. He can use the guide-lines dangling from his body to grab and trip people. He also uses them to anchor himself to the hospital, where he floats as a mascot, to keep the children happy.

Note: Overdog has about the same level of awareness as the Marvel Comics(TM) Character Swamp Thing. He doesn't talk, only blinked a couple times, and whined only as the last of his helium leaked out before Space Moose repaired him. Naturally, every adult passes off anything that happens (like when a fleeing thief gets tangled in a line) as mere coincidence. They just think he's a balloon. But the kids know.

Major Appearances:

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