Created by: ELVIS

Description: EDIT is that which is wielded by those ultimate powers that write, the AUTHORS.

It is the unstoppable force of creation and change. All authors use EDIT, and within the boundaries of their own domains, their EDIT is the supreme power in the altiverse. Outside of their own domains, the power of edit still flows, but other authors are relatively immune to each other's manifestations of edit.

Edit Vampires from Planet Mitchell lust for it. Musae help sustain it with backrubs and liberal applications of inspiration dust. One author even tried canning it in Diet Mountain Dew, resulting in a rare case where a non-author possessed the power of EDIT.

Spectrum siphoned a small portion of edit from his author, accidentally, and now every time he says EDIT, strange unpredictable things happen.

For more information, read any AA: adventure.

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