Irving Gould

Created by: Lawrence Brown, aka Amigoid

Current author: Lawrence Brown


Real name: Unknown

Status: Presumed Dead

Notes: Irving Gould first appeared in SPECTRUM #19.

Known Powers: Irving Gould was a parasitic alien mage, posing as a fat human mage. He has considerable magical power, and was granted limited immortality in a deal with Dark Lords. He often used a magical attack that drained the victim of its life energy.

Gould dressed like a traditional D&D mage, with robes and pointed hat.

Description: Irving Gould was 5'11, grossly overweight. It was later discovered to be a ruse; the real Gould was a small, beaked, writhing mass of sharp tentacles, who had eaten the brain of the man, and was controlling him from within.

Note: Gould was last seen tumbling into the Sun. As he was inside a magical sphere of protection at the time, he may be still trapped in the sun, unable to spare any magical energy to escape, perpetually cursing Spectrum's name. Roasting alive forever.

Major Appearances:

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