Picture of Rob

Rob Furr, a Punk without a Gun

Alias: Robin Stuart Furr; half of the Furr/Brown Gestalt

Email: rfurr@hamlet.uncg.edu

Rob was born on July 29th, 1970. After experiencing the hells of public schooling, and graduating from high school, he entered college with no idea at all of what department to major in. His college years were a definitive example of the 'smoragsbord' theory of education, as he left James Madison University with a major in art and minors in English, history, and mass communication.

Rob has been writing for Superguy since, if not the very beginning, darn tootin' close to it. For several years, he worked with Ben Brown, the other half of the Furr/Brown Gestalt, on such series as the Punk with a Gun, the early days of the Extreme Team, Superguy, the Musical, and a few other works which his fallible memory cannot at this time recall. He is currently working on the Historical Superguy project, Hard Times, the Bomb, and other, randomly generated stories set in Bob City.

He is currently living and working as a temp in Durham, North Carolina, which he enjoys about as much as open-heart surgery without anesthetic. It is dream, one day, to cease working as a temp and return to the comforting realm of academia, where he plans either a: total domination of the world, or b: working on an M.A. or M.F.A. in film production. Whichever.

Rob is well known for suffering from more bouts with writer's block than any other author on the planet. However, in between these periods of total cessation of inspiration, he has written, both with and without collaborating with Ben, the following characters and series:




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