The Bomb

Created by: Rob Furr

Current author: Rob Furr


Real name:N/A

Series: The Bomb first appeared in Sam and Bert meet The Bomb, and has made an occasional cameo appearance since then. It does not have, as yet, a regular series, but is considered one of the Bob City regulars.

Status: Active. Probably hyperactive.

Known Powers: The Bomb is a nuclear weapon. If severely provoked, it can detonate itself with an approximate yield of well over forty megatons. It has also evidenced some hand-to-hand combat capabilities.

Description: The Bomb is approximately two and a half feet tall, made of metal, and looks a bit like a pot-bellied trashcan with stubby feet, a small, cylindrical head, and a bowler hat, which it takes great pride in. It seems to like strong drink and making suggestive, if not entirely comprehensible, comments at any and all females within a hundred-yard radius.

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