Sam and Bert

Created by: Ben Brown

Current author: Ben Brown (and Rob Furr)


Real name:Sam and Bert

Series: Sam and Bert are Maverick Cops(tm), working in the Bob City Police Department. As such, they have regular contact with (and near-permanent guest-star status in) the Extreme Team. They have also accquired the Bomb as something of a sidekick.

Status: Active.

Known Powers: Sam and Bert are Maverick Cops, which means they have a: large and menacing firearms, which they brandish at every opportunity, and b: an almost superhuman ability to remain clueless in the face of adversity. It is unknown as to whether or not they have any police skills at all; considering that it once took them six months to find one clue, this is considered doubtful by informed onlookers.

Description: Unfortunately, since Sam and Bert are primarily Ben's characters, I've never been terribly clear on what they look like. A description will be made available once I manage to get Ben to comment.

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