The Extreme Team

Created by: Ben Brown and Rob Furr

Current author: Rob Furr and Ben Brown


Series: The Extreme Team, due to the fact that it is written by two Authors, tends to appear in separately-titled series, such as the Quest for Planet Planet, the Battle for Manchu Towers, the Not Quite Ready for Continuity Saga, and others.

Status: Active.

Current Members:

Description: The Extreme Team consists of most of the superheroes in the Bob City area. Its base, Bulletproof's third-floor walkup, was destroyed during the Not Quite Ready for Continuity Saga, and the team currently operates out of one of the many sub-basements of Manchu Towers. While the team's members are, possibly, the lowest-powered bunch of superheroes on the planet, they still manage to function as an effective crime-fighting unit.

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