The Nefarious Doctor Fu Manchu

Created by: Sax Rohmer

Current author: Rob Furr


Real name:Fu Manchu

Series: The Nefarious Doctor is a villain who appears with some regularity in the various Bob City stories. He has yet to have a Superguy series dedicated to him.

Status: Active.

Known Powers: The Nefarious Doctor Fu Manchu is a master criminal. While he has no powers, per se, he does have vast experience in a wide range of criminal activities and nefarious scheming. He has shown great skill in chemistry, physics, tactics, and economics.

Description: Fu is obviously Chinese in origin, but of indeterminate age. He has black hair, a Fu Manchu goatee and mustache, and tends to lounge around in cheap t-shirts and shorts, except in formal situations, during which he appears in silk robes with gold trim, and speaks in an overstated and simplistic Chinese accent.

Note: The Fu Manchu who appears in Superguy is a parody of Sax Rohmer's classic villain. I believe that enough changes have been made to the essential nature of the character that the Superguy portrayal is not damaging to the original version. Under no circumstances should it be taken as intended that the Fu Manchu of Superguy is the same character as the original.

As an aside, I personally recommend Sax Rohmer's novels and the various films based on these works. Boris Karloff's portrayal of the character in The Bride of Fu Manchu is particularly impressive, in my opinion, and fans of Superguy will certainly want to see Peter Seller's take on the character in The Fiendish Plot of Dr. Fu Manchu.

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