The Count Fitzpatrick and Igor

Created by: Rob Furr

Current author: Rob Furr


Series: Count Fitzpatrick and Igor appeared in the Not Quite Ready for Continuity Saga. To date, that has been their only appearance.

Status: The Count: Dead. Igor: Active.

Known Powers: The Count had the traditional vampiric powers, plus the ability to act in a totally deranged fashion, thus convincing everyone that he was really barking mad. Igor, on the other hand, has no powers beyond the traditional scientist's assistant powers, such as being able to find the odd abnormal brain or gigantic cadaver on short notice.

Description: The Count was an odd combination of Irish red hair and vampiric paleness. He tended to wear evening clothes, while swilling Bushmill's and blood. Igor, on the other hand, is an upwardly-mobile scientist's assistant, and wore Izod smocks and designer hump supports.

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