Hard Times

Author: Rob Furr

Email: r.furr@genie.geis.com

"Unreal City,

Under the brown fog of a winter dawn. 
A crowd flowed over London Bridge, so many,
I had not thought death had undone so many." 

                 _The Waste Land_, T.S. Eliot.

Current Run: June 1994 - Present

Main Characters:

Hard Times is one of the two, as of this writing, currently running Bob City series. As it is currently unfinished, a complete summary is impossible.


The Bob City Mega-Crossover left quite a large section of Bob City in ruins. Naturally, the inhabitants of Bob were none too pleased about this event, coming as it does after the third successful launch of their major tourist attraction, the Bob City Space Needle and Rotating Fun Park, the destruction of the top ten floors of the Spitz Tower, and, not to put too fine a point on it, a whole heck of a lot of other stuff. Not to mention the weather. Or the economy.

So...times are hard in Bob City; very hard. The center of the town has been destroyed, the major tourist attraction is considered unsafe by tourists, and things have been pretty much going downhill from there. Currently, for some unknown reason, the nefarious Doctor Fu Manchu has ordered Councilman Morraine of the Bob City City Council to prevent Intercontinental Salvage from rebuilding the downtown area, which has made life even worse. Businesses are leaving Bob; there's nothing to live for in the city any more.

Still, even though Bob City is dying, life goes on. Wally Manchu has gotten a temporary job with Intercontinental Salvage, the Bomb is wandering around, the Punk with a Gun is getting drunk, and five heavily armed aliens, four of whom are dead ringers for the Beatles, if you painted the Beatles bright green, have just lost their spaceship's hubcaps, not to mention their spaceship's engines, guns, radio, and life-support system to Bob City's vibrant street culture. So, as far as that goes, things are fairly normal.

But where is the full Extreme Team? Why is Fu doing this to Bob? And why did he want to push Intercontinental Salvage into a strike?

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