The Punk with a Gun

Created by: Ben Brown and Rob Furr

Current author: Rob Furr


Real name: George. Last name currently unknown.

Other aliases: The Gun Avenger

Series: The Punk with a Gun first appeared in his own series, which ceased after the authors in question discovered that the character didn't really lend himself to a continuing, regular schedule of writing. He has since appeared in the occasional one-shot episode, and makes cameo appearances on a regular basis in Bob City.

Status: Active, but probably drunk.

Known Powers: The Punk is an average street punk whose primary interests in life lie in strong drink and not getting caught. He is an average hand-to-hand combatant, it can be assumed, but for the most part, he depends on his Gun, which he obtained from the Space Shriners during one of their regular forays to planet Earth. The Gun is one of the Shriner Empire's greatest religious objects, but, to human eyes, is just a thirty-eight special that never runs out of bullets.

Description: The Punk is tallish; how tall has never been revealed, but he is probably within an inch or two of 6'2". He has brown-to-black hair, pale skin, and eyes constantly concealed behind a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses. He wears dark jeans and a scruffy leather jacket.

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