The Deadheads from Planet X

Created by: Rob Furr

Current author: Ben Brown


Series: The Deadheads from Planet X have made appearances in the original Punk with a Gun series, and have made subsequent appearances in the Quest for Planet Planet, and the Battle for Manchu Towers.

Status: Active.

Known Powers: The Deadheads from Planet X have a large and menacing starfleet. Or, at least, it would be menacing if it wasn't painted in psychedelic colors and covered with dancing bears. It would be possible that their military might and vast resources might someday threaten the galaxy, were it not for their continual inhalation of the smoke from various herbs and their intense religious desire to 'attend the Show.'

Description: Individual Deadheads usually look a bit out of it. This is partially due to their various chemical indulgences, and partially due to the fact that they tend to wear tie-dyed clothes of such a nature and color that a simple Deadhead shirt can kill unprotected small animals at a distance of up to half a mile. They are also usually unshaven and almost always hungry. Lastly, all Deadheads have a deep-seated mild dislike of the Space Shriners, with whom they have been fighting a long and bloody war for centuries.

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