Radio Free Hero

Created by: Rob Furr

Current author: Rob Furr (and other authors as the need arises.)


Series: Radio Free Hero has never had a series as such. However, he had a one-shot which took place during the Quest for Planet Planet, and was heavily featured in the opening and closing episodes of the Industrial Revolution.

Status: On The Air.

Known Powers: RFH himself has the abilities one would normally expect from a radio host. He also has wide experience avoiding the FCC, and has the ability to show up whenever and wherever a superheroic conflict is taking place, apparently through sheer luck. His radio engineer, Max, drives the van and knows a large amount about the technical aspects of running and operating a pirate radio station. The van has a microwave link, a 300-watt transmitter, and a small audio editing suite, along with various microphones, amps, speakers, and generators.

Description: Radio Free Hero is one of the nation's most popular radio shows; an impressive achievement, considering that it's also a pirate radio program. Its host, who is also referred to as 'RFH,' created the show and took it from its beginning as a sycophantic fan-oriented program to a respected news program covering superheroes and related material. Occasionally, RFH will slip back into his slobbering fanboy phase, particularly with superheroines like Key and Yuri, but, on the whole, he manages to produce a professional, if illegal, product. The FCC occasionally makes a half-hearted attempt to catch him, but, for the most part, seems content to let him continue on his merry way.

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