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And so a new era of peace began. It would be about as long-lived as the previous ones…. (Kasak Llan)

Starcruiser Anonymous

The people of Arorua chafe under the rule of the Zakavian Empire. Their legendary protector was defeated long ago, and all hope for their freedom seems remote indeed. Elsewhere, a Zakavian scounting party comes across the titanic starship Anonymous and abducts five of its crew for study. This will prove to be a mistake.

Starcruiser Anonymous is a wide-ranging space comedy set in the shared Sfstory universe, but very little Sfstory background is needed to enjoy it. It is a large story with a great many characters, so you may wish to consult the cast list at times. Or not. It’s your call, really.

Don’t have time to read it, but still want to know what happened? Check out the handy synopsis!

List of Episodes

The complete Starcruiser Anonymous, all for the low, low price of… nothing!

  1. Prologue, Wherein Empires and Starships Are Launched (text)
    Essential background on the Anonymous, the Zakavian Empire, and Planet Arorua. Events are set in motion as Captain Mselt is sent to investigate the Solar System. (1996-07-24)
  2. Episode 1, Wherein Revolution Is Discussed and Weapons Are Tested (text)
    Far from the political machinations of the Empire, Mselt observes the Anonymous and decides it constitutes a potential threat. (1996-07-29)
  3. Episode 2, Wherein a College Student Returns Home and Captain Mselt Runs into the Green Squadron (text)
    Mselt decides to take his prisoners directly to Planet Gloom and the Anonymous notices that Blue Squadron haven’t reported back in a while…. (1996-08-06)
  4. Episode 3, Wherein Blue Squadron Awakens and Lots of Plans Get Made (text)
    Blue Squadron learns about its captors, the Aroruan rebels make preparations, and Green Squadron are sent to find their fellow pilots. (1996-08-10)
  5. Episode 4, Wherein Governor Jjana Kills Two Birds with One Stone and Orliss’s Vacation Starts to Get Interesting (text)
    Governor Jjana develops a unique plan to spy on the rebels. Meanwhile, Green Squadron chance upon an eager ally. (1996-08-26)
  6. Episode 5, Wherein Captain Mselt Arrives at Planet Gloom and Lots of Guards Get Shot (text)
    Mselt finds himself in a race to deliver his news to the Emperor. Can Blue Squadron take advantage of the confusion and escape? (1996-09-02)
  7. Episode 6, Wherein Mselt Gets Promoted and Vending Machines Get Mentioned a Lot (text)
    Trapped outside, Blue Squadron launch a daring scheme to sneak back into the Fortress and onto a departing shuttle. (1996-09-16)
  8. Episode 7, Wherein Three Subplots Converge in the Crelm System (text)
    Green Squadron may be able to end their quest, provided they don’t get destroyed by their informant. (1996-09-30)
  9. Episode 8, Wherein Jen Kadar Meets a Mysterious Stranger (text)
    Orliss and company reach Planet Gloom, but can they bluff their way into the Fortress? And what is the Empire’s interest in Jen Kadar? (1996-10-07)
  10. Episode 9, Wherein the Blue Squadron Reaches Arorua (text)
    Prince Lotekh confronts Governor Jjana while Blue Squadron make their getaway. Unfortunately, their freedom may be short-lived. (1996-10-14)
  11. Episode 10, Wherein Captain Harrison Gets a Speaking Part (text)
    Green Squadron report what they have learned. Now Captain Harrison must decide how best to retrieve her captured crewmembers. (1996-10-28)
  12. Episode 11, Wherein Elahte Explains His Plan (text)
    The only chance for Aroruan independance may rest in Arorua’s legendary protector—assuming that it isn’t a myth. (1996-11-18)
  13. Episode 12, Wherein Orliss and Bob Discuss Strategy (text)
    The newly-formed Ampron Force sneak into the palace in search of the five Keys but discover something far more important. (1996-12-24)
  14. Episode 13, Wherein Giant Penguins Attack the Zakavians (text)
    The Ampron Force figure out how to activate the Penguins and begin the first effective strike against Arorua’s overlords. (1997-01-06)
  15. Episode 14, Wherein the Anonymous Has Its First Space Battle (text)
    The Anonymous reaches Planet Gloom and finds the Zakavians to be somewhat less than helpful. (1997-02-24)
  16. Episode 15, Wherein Strange, Shadowy Figures Come Out of the Woodwork (text)
    The Anonymous heads to Arorua, but the damage to Captain Harrison’s reputation has already been done. (1997-03-18)
  17. Episode 16, Wherein the Plot Inches Forward (text)
    Anti-Harrison activists make preparations for rebellion while the Green and Black squadrons go in search of Roy Gaelen’s missing sister. (1997-04-10)
  18. Episode 17, Wherein the Empire Strikes Back (text)
    Alpha Ra reaches Arorua and the Zakavian counter-attack begins! Can the Ampron Force survive without Ampron? (1997-05-19)
  19. Episode 18, Wherein the Beginning of the End Concludes (text)
    Things look grim, but the Ampron Force are determined not to lose. Of course, determination won’t teach you to pilot a giant robot…. (1997-05-26)
  20. Episode 19, Wherein Jen and Orliss are Freed (text)
    The Emperor orders the destruction of Arorua. Bob and Megan must scramble to free their friends if they hope to stop him. (1997-07-27)
  21. Episode 20, Wherein the Plot Finally Begins to Thin (text)
    The glorious revolution against Captain Harrison has begun, but the rebels face more opponents than they had anticipated. (1998-07-24)
  22. Episode 21, Wherein the Ampron Force Returns to Space (text)
    Ampron’s battle damage has been repaired and the Aroruans are ready to strike against the fleet in orbit, but is that really a good idea? (1999-01-20)
  23. Episode 22, Wherein the Hostilities Commence (text)
    The Anonymous reaches Arorua and immediately finds itself stuck in another mess. How many factions are fighting over this planet, anyway? (1999-04-12)
  24. Episode 23, Wherein Depressingly Little is Accomplished (text)
    Bob and Jen learn that sabotaging an enemy super-weapon isn’t as easy as they had thought. (1999-05-12)
  25. Episode 24, Wherein a Multitude of Things Go Boom (text)
    With the EDIT in place, all that stands between Arorua and destruction are five fighter pilots and a giant robot. Their opponent is a ten-kilometer doomsday machine. You make the call. (1999-06-13)
  26. Epilogue, Wherein Our Story Concludes (text)
    The great battle has ended, and before the last celebration ends Arorua will have a new leader, Mselt will have a new assignment, and others will take their lives in new directions. (1999-06-30)

That’s all for Starcruiser Anonymous, but the adventures of Orliss, Horlun, Anme, Jen, and Roy on their way to Interstellar University are told in Out of Space.

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