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Welcome, brave soul, to the ZedneWeb Library. From here you can read my Sfstory series, as well as some other stuff I’ve done. Comments and such are always welcome. Really. I don’t bite.

Recent additions

(For sufficiently broad interpretations of “recent”.)

  1. HTML version of Starcruiser Anonymous
    Starcruiser Anonymous, the critically-acclaimed tale of a spaceship, a planet, an empire, a robot, a student of heroism, and the most dangerous Mexican deal in the universe (among others), is now available in HTML. Read on for details, or just go check it out. (2003-09-25)
  2. Out of Space, Part 2: Downstream (text)
    Having thoroughly convinced themselves that the Sonar Men are Up To No Good, our protagonists try to find their way out of the research center and, eventually, off of Tangerine itself. (2003-03-01)
  3. Observation (text)
    A Zakavian task force has arrived to negotiate the release of the soldiers captured on Arorua, and Green Squadron are sent on a secret mission to make sure nothing improper takes place. Can they avoid detection by the Empire and collision with space debris? Written for the fifteenth anniversary of Sfstory. (2002-01-19)
  4. Out of Space, Part 1: Going Down (text)
    Five travelers on the way to Interstellar University find themselves making an unexpected stop. (2001-02-19)

This list is also available as an RSS feed. Check out the works in progress to see what’s coming up… eventually. (We hope.)


Founded in 1987, Sfstory is a collaborative fiction project in which a multitude of authors have created a madcap, zany universe of science-fiction-y goodness. A place where canned meat-products are the key to interdimensional travel and no one looks twice at a giant, space-going toaster.

Yes, it does owe a lot to Douglas Adams.

There’s a ton of backstory, but don’t worry: it’s mostly irrelevant. My own contributions intersect minimally with the main story (whatever that may be), and I make a point of explaining anything important to plot.

Other Stuff

If I were in a marketing mood, I might call this section “ZedneWeb Exclusives!” or something, since the material here can be found nowhere else on the ’net. These are mostly some short stand-alone pieces, some pre-dating ZedneWeb itself, others more recent.

Relatively Recent

If you’ve been following the release dates for Starcruiser Anonymous, you’ll probably notice a rather long gap following episode 19. I attribute this gap to a summer job and then to having my writing efforts devoted to coursework. This is some of that work, to show that I have been writing stuff.

Older Material

Before ZedneWeb, before Starcruiser Anonymous, before even the development of the series that inspired it, I knew I’d be building a library on the web, which meant I’d need stuff to put in it. These three pieces were converted mostly as an exercise, but also so I’d have something to put up. They’re pretty old, though, and I’d like to think my writing has improved since I wrote them. I’m leaving them up mostly because I have no real reason to remove them. Besides, maybe they’ve attracted fans. (Hey, it’s possible!)

Dave Menendez