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2003-03-01 | Out of Space, Part 5: Trapped
New material starting with “It was funny how much her voice…”. This actually replaces vrtually all of the stuff added in the last update, but it also continues on and actually completes the episode. Yay! Now I just have to tighten some stuff up and add the teaser questions. Oh, and we have a working title now. (count c.6100)
2002-09-20 | Out of Space posting schedule
Part 1 was released almost 17 months ago, which is quite long enough to leave a cliff-hanger unresolved. So: I hope to repost Part 1 and follow with Part 2 starting 2002-10-01. I’ll need to do some editing, and I’m unconvinced that any of it is worth reading, but Superguy’s been too quiet lately—and 17 months is just ridiculous.
2002-09-20 | Out of Space, Part 5
Rewrote parts of Orliss and Horlun’s expedition to put the shaft further away from the kitchen. New material starting with “Horlun was back on Foobarh.” At the moment, I’m not sure whether the new material is new/interesting enough to keep. The scientist segment should be finished soon. (count c.4400)
2002-09-14 | Out of Space, Part 5
New material starting with “That suggestion met with near-unanimous approval”. Quite a bit of it, really.
2002-08-18 | Out of Space, Part 5
New material following “Even Fondao felt that was a good idea.”
2002-08-04 | Out of Space, Part 5
First posting. It is currently unclear where exactly the boundary between parts 4 and 5 should be, as I don’t have a firm idea of what part 5 will encompass (hence the current lack of title).
2002-08-04 | Out of Space, Part 4: Ambush
First posting, largely taken from the 2002-05-08 version of part 3. New material starting with “And so they waited.”
2002-08-04 | Out of Space, Part 3: Downstream
Everything after the discovery by the scientists has been moved into episode 4. Awaiting final editing.
2002-05-08 | Out of Space, Part 3: Downstream
New material starting with “Dr Knapsack declared that dinner would be a feast…”. (That’s another 1300 words, for those keeping score. Like, uh, me.) Actually, this is something of a bonus for people reading the pre-release stuff, since I’m hoping to revamp parts of this to make the Alpha threat more immanent.
2002-04-14 | Out of Space, Part 3: Downstream
New material starting with “It has something to do with being a hero”. It’s been almost two months since the last update, but in that time the episode length has jumped 4,200 words to 11,000. This pretty much assures that I’ll be breaking it into two parts (there’s even a good cliffhanger prospect), but I’m leaving it as one piece for the time being.
2002-02-19 | Out of Space, Part 3: Downstream
New material starting with “Even the prospect of another hike…”. I’ve finally reached the scientists, who were supposed to be the main part of episode three, but so much has happened that I may end up breaking this episode into two parts. (In which case, I’m over a scene into part four.) We’ll see what happens.
2002-02-04 | Out of Space, Part 3: Downstream
Hey, progress! Or regression, depending on how you look at it. Stuff moved around, some new material towards the beginning, and in the end the plot hasn’t advanced as far as it had in the previous draft. I’m simultaneously longing to get to the “good stuff” and worried that won’t be as fun as I’m hoping.
2001-07-24 | Out of Space, Part 3: Downstream
New material starting with: “Horlun scowled and adopted a mock-threatening tone.” I’m starting to worry that this episode is running long, but I’ve resolved not to do any editing until I have a more complete episode. I’m also concerned that the characters are spending too much time discussing their situation, but I may be seeing that because I’m so close to the material. (Useless statistic: combined, the three completed or in-progress episodes of Out of Space are about 19,000 words. That’s nearly as long as the first eight episodes of Starcruiser Anonymous.)
2001-07-18 | Out of Space, Part 3: Downstream
Changed Anme’s reference to the Mads (was: “If I were religious…”). New material starting with “…looking a little embarrased.”
2001-06-29 | Out of Space, Part 3: Downstream
First posting. Actually, there’s already been some heavy revising, but I’m hoping to finish the episode before I do any more major changes. (Yeah, right.)

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