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Sfstory is a shared universe of comedic science fiction and space opera. It was founded in 1987 by a unknown college student and quickly grew into a quirky and complicated story being written by a large number of authors. Over the years, authors have begun writing more self-contained stories set in the Sfstory universe and the pace of writing has slowed considerably.

These days Sfstory is pretty quiet, but there are a few newer authors (like me) who are keeping the torch alive. My own series is Starcruiser Anonymous, which has run from 1996 to the present.

Gary Olson maintains the Sfstory FTP Site, which contain the (almost) complete logs of the various Sfstory mailing lists and all the Sfstory posts distributed through Superguy.

Superguy, by the way, is a comedic super-hero-based shared universe that is distributed on a public mailing list. It was inspired by Sfstory, but subesequently proved more popular. Eventually, it absorbed Sfstory as a subtopic of the Superguy mailing list, which contains several mailing lists. You can subscribe from the Superguy home page and search its archives at the Superguy Autocollector.

I've put up a very short guide to Sfstory which explains some of the references in Starcruiser Anonymous. I suspect it isn't too useful for the general reader, but it might help give a glimpse into the mystery and weirdness that is Sfstory.

David Menendez, zednenem@alumni.psu.edu
Created 22 January 1999