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A Quick Guide to Sfstory

Sfstory has built up quite a number of characters, places, and running gags over the years. Since Starcruiser Anonymous is set within Sfstory, I occasionally refer to them. Since I expect many readers to be unfamiliar with Sfstory, I've tried to avoid situations where you have to know the history to understand what's going on.

If you're unfamiliar with Sfstory and you'd like to know a little more about what's going on (or if you are familiar and would like a refresher), I've provided this short list. I imagine it's incomplete, and it doesn't list the references to non-Sfstory material, but it's better than nothing, right? Right?

Items are listed roughly in order of appearance. Enjoy.

The Omnidean
One of the villians in Gary Olsen's Renegade Anarchists cycle.
The Shadoes
A group of villians, also from Renegade Anarchists.
Satan T. Lucifer Jones
The devil. He's played a major role in certain portions of Sfstory, briefly becoming a hero at one point (after a corporate takeover of Hell--long story). Recently, he's turned his attention to the Superguy universe and left Sfstory to its own villains.
Omegas has been both hero and villain, servant of God and of Satan, mortal and immortal. Self-interest and a cool attitude seem to be the only constants in his life. Once a frequently appearing character, he has since fallen into obscurity.
Devastation in New England
Back in the early days of Sfstory, it was common for authors to destroy parts of the Earth for fun, for jokes, or simply out of spite. For one author, it became a running gag that every space battle he wrote involved part of New England getting crushed or blasted into space or reduced to smouldering embers. You can imagine the effect this had on property values.
Radar Vogel
One of the very first characters introduced, way back when Sfstory was a wacky collaborative story written by college students. This is probably why her careers have included interstellar nude volleyball, adult entertainment, and science. Currently, she is one of the Earth's foremost experts in Spamology, the study of the use of Spam.
Barbados, Planet of Physical Delights
A popular vacation spot, although not one I'd recommended for children.
While some humans claim it's just meat in a can, Spamologists know it's actually a three-dimensional representation of a fourth-dimensional vector. Somehow, this fact can be used to enable space flight, generate staggering amounts of power, and generally mess with the space-time continuum.

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Updated 24 July 1998