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Starcruiser Anonymous


The episodes of Starcruiser Anonymous are initially distributed through the Sfstory subtopic of the Superguy Mailing List. As such, they are archived in the various Superguy and Sfstory archives. These archives contain the original posted episodes.

The episodes stored here have occasionally been modifed since their initial posting. These modifications are mostly to fix spelling, mangled formatting, and the occasional error. Since some errors have been corrected, I consider the episodes presented here to be the definitive editions. As these differences are mostly trivial, your choice of archive is mostly a matter of preference.

In addition, everything up to episode 15 has been reprinted in Hostigos, the official fanzine of the Penn State Science Fiction Society. These reprintings contain some, but not all, of the corrections I've made since the original posting and are nicely formatted, with italics and curly quotation marks and such.


Starcruiser Anonymous is mine. I own it.

David Menendez, zednenem@alumni.psu.edu
Updated 24 July 1998