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The Cast of Starcruiser Anonymous

Being a listing of those characters who have had both dialogue and names as of episode 23 of Starcruiser Anonymous, with some brief description to aid the reader in distinguishing them.

Passengers & Crew of the Anonymous

Ex-residents of New Jersey who fled the Earth to be safe from falling space debris

Blue Squadron

Five fighter pilots who find themselves enmeshed in the chaos of interstellar politics and aren't too successful at unmeshing themselves

Green Squadron

Another group of pilots, who are sent to find the Blue Squadron

Black Squadron

The eternal rivals of the Green Squadron, at least in theory


The Caphanites and Blargoloids, who have recently been united under one government and are still getting used to the idea

Eighth Fleet

Aroruan Protectorate

Zakavians maintaining the Imperial regime on Arorua


The meek but proud residents of Arorua


The somewhat less meek but equally proud residents of Foobarh


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