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Out of Space

A tale of Sfstory by Dave Menendez.

A mysterious failure strands five travellers in deep space, but their rescue only raises questions. How did the Sonar Men just happen to be in the area? What is it that the Tangerine Research Center researches? What happened to their staff? Paranoid or not, Orliss SoFah is not one to back away from investigating a theory.

Part 1: Going Down (text)
Five travelers on the way to Interstellar University find themselves making an unexpected stop. (2001-02-19)
Part 2: Underbeneath (text)
Having thoroughly convinced themselves that the Sonar Men are Up To No Good, our protagonists try to find their way out of the research center and, eventually, off of Tangerine itself. (2003-03-01)

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Dave Menendez