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David Menendez

Dave Menendez grew up, and still lives, in the small town of Chatham, New Jersey. (Actually, it’s a couple thousand people, which might not be considered small where you come from. But that’s beside the point.)

He left for a few years to study computer science at the famed Pennsylvania State University. (Granted, that fame mostly comes from its football prowess in ages past, but fame is fame.) It was there that he founded ZedneWeb, the very web site which contains the page for which these words were written. (Typed, in fact, but that’s a small point.)

Bachelors of Science in hand (metaphorically), he set out into the job market and landed a position at Telcordia Technologies, working to ensure the quality of next-generation phone network control software and that sort of thing. Two years later, the economy tanked and Dave’s position was declared surplus. He is currently seeking new opportunities in software development or quality assurance.

Dave enjoys many creative activities (although he considers programming to be creative, so bear that in mind). His amateur fiction is collected at the ZedneWeb Library. Most of it is associated with Sfstory, an on-going, collaborative fiction project started in 1987. (Dave has been called the best new author working in Sfstory, but as there are no other new authors one may be free in interpreting that.)

Dave’s e-mail address is <zednenem@alumni.psu.edu>. Feel free to send mail, although unsolicited commercial e-mail may result in curses placed on the sender’s name.

Dave Menendez
17 December 2001