Tornado battlearmor (types I, II, III)

Created by: Jesse Taylor ( Current author: Jesse Taylor


Description and History: The Tornado series of battlesuits was first designed by the researchers at TONN in their attempts to design a counter for the Cyclone-series battlesuits used by Team M.E.C.H.A. The first, prototype Tornado (type I) was "stolen" by Marie. Unbeknownst to her, she was supposed to steal it -- it contained a great deal of sensor equipment that TONN was going to use to gather data on Spectrum. The Tornado I was armed with wrist-micromissiles, shoulder-mounted lasers, an arm-mounted plasma discharger, and two diamond-edged Black 'n Decker chainsaws. The main armament of the suit was a portable rail cannon. The design was improved, based on data from Marie's adventures, resulting in the Type II, which was tougher, sleeker, and more maneuverable. It was, however, more lightly armed. This was the suit used by Wayne. The last type, the Type III, was a custom suit designed by Drakkor. It differed from the other two suits in that it used the energy receptors developed by Dr. Cheef (they were salvaged from the destroyed Rooster D. Structoid by TONN troops). The only existing Type III was destroyed by Roger.

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