Created by: Jesse Taylor

Current author: Jesse Taylor

Email: sw@eyrie.org

Real name: Jesse Taylor

Status: Dead

History: Drakkor was a member of the Foolhardy Four, then, later, aided the crew of the Blorg Star in the battle on the Grey October. He hung out with the Super Losers when they formed, and was a founding member of Force Ten. However, soon after Force Ten formed, he was framed by Anime Freak, and hounded by his former teammates. He escaped with the help of Admiral Morgan and the Shadowy Demon, and joined the TONN Conspiracy. He helped in the creation of Ultima, and joined her forces when she announced her bid for Global Domination. He was challenged by Roger, and was killed in the fight that resulted.

Known powers: Drakkor had no powers, other than slight technical skill. He was the Host for the Shadowy Demon, however, and could call on that being's powers.

Description: Drakkor was around 5'11", damn thin, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

Major Appearances:

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