Created by: Jesse Taylor

Current author: Jesse Taylor

Email: sw@eyrie.org

Real name: Wayne

Status: Active, works with Marie.

Series: Wayne appeared in the Ray Sterling miniseries, showed up for cameos in the Spectrum series, fought in the Springfield Battle and the Bob City Megacrossover, and finally showed up in the Force Ten series.

Notes: Wayne, with only a marginally-functional battlesuit and no cash reserves worth mentioning, is currently facing the dread prospect of Getting A Job.

Known powers: Wayne, as an Invid, has a few latent powers. First, he can instantly locate any other Invid, and can call on them to aid him. Second, he can call on the knowledge of the Invid Brain to supplement his skills. He is reasonably skilled at hand-to-hand combat and is a passable mecha pilot. He owns, and would use if it worked, a Tornado-class battlesuit.

Description: Wayne is of average height and build, with a vaguely spaced-out expression forever locked into his features. His hair and eyes are bright purple.

Major Appearances:

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