Created by: Jesse Taylor

Current author: Jesse Taylor


Real name: Roger Dingledine

Status: Active, solo

Series: Roger appeared in the Blorg Trek series, the Super Losers series, and the Force Ten series.

Notes: Roger was team leader of Force Ten, but bailed after he found out that Drakkor had been framed. He is currently hanging out in an old, abandoned warehouse, living off his sizable bank account.

Equipment: Roger owns a high-tech battlesuit from his home dimension, which he built himself. He has a high level of technical ability, and he maintains most of his team's equipment. His battlesuit powers itself from the hydrogen in the atmosphere, and he carries enough reaction fuel to fly for just over 30 minutes. It has an internal computer system (running CP/M), mounts a Gauss Razorgun in the right arm (a hightech weapon that fires monowire segments which penetrate most armor) and an Assault Laser in the left. The suit was critically damaged during the fight with Ultima, and he has not, as yet, repaired it.

Description: Roger is an average-looking high school student, with brown hair and blue eyes. He normally wears a Jordan High sweatshirt and jeans with a trenchcoat, or his battlesuit.

Major Appearances:

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