Name: Jesse B. Taylor aka Drakkor aka Shadowywriter (SW).

Addr: Address?! You want my _address_?!

Age: Old enough to think, but not for myself. (20)

B-day: June 29, 1976.

Career: Full-time Student at Vanderbilt University.

Email location:

Address: Ok, ok. Geez. Campus Box 2372, Station B; Vanderbilt University; Nashville, TN 37235.

Why I came up with the name 'SW': I have no idea.

Let's learn about the Author: Ok!

Archetypical bored kid on the Internet. Poked my grubby little hands into every dark, hidden corner of the Net that I could find. Computer Science major, although leaning towards ElecEng (gadgets are just so much FUN!). Uses a Mac SE/30 that dies every month or so. Hates credit cards. Hates leaving records (uses cash/MO everywhere). Mildly paranoid. Loves pop tarts, gatorade. Can't drink legally, yet. Hates beer, in general, and Beast in particular. Loves watching other people get drunk. Really loves it when they pass out; doodles on them when they do. Fanatically loyal to friends, organizations. Loves knives, darts, other neat, shiny weapons. Likes guns, but unlikely to ever buy one. Plays RPGs, especially Mechwarrior and Shadowrun. Likes damn near any kind of music 'cept Musak.

Mild dislike of large crowds of people. Hates organized sports. Hates unorganized sports. Likes redheads, except when they play organized sports. Voted 'most likely to try and conquer the world' by classmates in high school (no foolin'!). Likes saying things like 'No security is unbeatable', and 'Bloody hell'. Thinks people should just live and let live -- I'll accept anyone's views, unless they try to push those views on others.

Social life? Don't make me laugh.

Thinks Japanese culture is darn neato. Loves Japanese food. _Really_ loves Anime, 'specially Bubblegum Crisis and Project: A-Ko. Still not sure what a catbunny is.

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