Created by: Jesse Taylor

Current author: Jesse Taylor

Email: sw@eyrie.org

Real name: Ultima

Status: Active, solo

History: Ultima was a 'research project', utilizing the combined knowledge of Morgan's head tech, Tris, captured genetics engineer Science Guy, the Invid scientist Verne, and the hired Mad Scientist, Dr. Zwarghoff. Science Guy, annoyed at being forced into this project, incorporated several flaws into her cybernetic interfaces, one of which left her nearly catatonic after her "awakening". Her origional neural programs were damaged, and she began relying on a program hidden in her files by Verne. She tried to take over the world, but was stopped by the combined forces of TONN, Force Ten, Admiral Morgan and her troops, with assistance from Ray Sterling, Science Guy, and Marie. She escaped, although she lost most of her power.

Known powers: Ultima had access to a 'Protoculture Matrix', a source of massive amounts of energy. She was able to funnel this energy into almost anything required, although the forms had to be set up beforehand as 'utilities'. Her known utilities were: an energy shield, energy blasts of varying power levels, the ability to create biomechanical mecha or buildings, the ability to resurrect dead Invid, the ability to create Stage 1-4 Invid, a 'Spacefold' teleportation, almost total regeneration, and the ability to communicate and control other Invid telepathically.

Description: Ultima was around 5'6", with slightly mauve hair and eyes. While she didn't look very strong, she could alter her form as necessary. She wore a Battloid Pilots' uniform.

Major Appearances:

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