TONN - That Other News Network

Created by: Jesse Taylor

Current author: Jesse Taylor


History: TONN was, at the beginning, a small news service based in St. Louis. They reported several major stories during President Seconds' campaign, but their broadcasting really took off when they got Sir Gerbre to be their head newscaster. Gerbre's super-charisma allowed him to attract record numbers of viewers to TONN -- and, consequently, record amounts of advertising $$$. TONN allied with Anime Freak and Admiral Morgan, and the combination of the three villain groups' money propelled TONN to new heights. A private army was recruited -- secret bases were constructed, and several other whole corporations, such as Invid, Inc, and G.E.N.U.H.M. were purchased by TONN. However, the battle with Ultima eliminated Anime Freak and Admiral Morgan, as well as much of TONN's money and power. The corporation's future is unsure, and they have been forced to sell of many of their assets.

Departments: TONN is divided into several departments, each concerned with a different aspect of the organization.

Intel (Intelligence, Counterintelligence): Intel is concerned with the discovery and description of the enemies of TONN. They are also charged with gathering as much intelligence as possible on superhero activities -- any superhero activities at all. One of the major players in Intel is Bland Investigative-Reporter.

R&D (Research & Development): Well, what do you think these guys do? The R&D geeks are responsible for such toys as the Tornado series of battlesuits, the B.I.T.C.H. mecha, and other gems. R&D's labs were trashed by Marie, so they are currently not doing a whole lot.

News: This comprises the origional staff of TONN. These are the guys who put together the TV shows, etc. They all, uniformly, have tastes in TV that are so wildly, totally different from what the public wants to see ("And now, hour three of 'Wombats, the Movie!'"), that if Gerbre didn't keep them in line, TONN would long ago have gone bankrupt. One of the major members of the News division is Bland Tv-Reporter.

Accounting: These are the guys who work long nights, desperately making crucial phone calls that decide the fate of whole corporations! They juggle millions of dollars, and with flicks of their pens can destroy or create countless... Oh, forget it. Basically, Accounting division is made up of a couple guys who feed data into a mainframe, and check the output to make sure the computer isn't trying to buy old Ramrod records again. One of the major 'players' in the Accounting division is Bland Wanted-To-Be-A-Tv-Reporter-But-Decided-To-Instead-Become-An-Accountant.

TONNGuards: The TONNGuards were the enforcers of TONN's will in the far reaches of the world. They were. Now, they're just sort of a couple security guards. The TONNGuards are 'officially' disbanded, spread through the ranks of TONN's reporting staff; some have been hired up by G.E.N.U.H.M. and other evil groups as muscle. The TONNGuards have a stockpile of military-grade and experimental weapons buried under TONN Headquarters, but this is only for use in emergencies. The commander of the TONNGuards is Col. ShanaShannon. The remaining active TONNGuard units are the FEMSquads (Females, Effective Militarily) -- TONN's equivalent of the Special Forces.

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