Created by: Jesse Taylor

Current author: Jesse Taylor


Real name: Marie

Status: Not an active member of any super-team

Series: Marie first appeared in the Ray Sterling miniseries, afterwards making an appearance in the Springfield Crossover. She then, later, appeared in the Bob City Megacrossover. Soon after that, she made a guest appearance in the Spectrum series. After that, she appeared in the Industrial Revolution. Finally, she appeared quite a bit in Force Ten.

Notes: Marie is an Invid -- part of a group of her race stranded in the Superguy altiverse during some freak accident. She, like most of her race, has never had an easy time dealing with emotions, and it was this problem that made her seek out Spectrum. They had what could be called a 'romantic liason'. Due to small logistical problems, she wound up pregnant afterwards. This fact took a while to become obvious, and Marie made it through the Industrial Revolution and the battle in Ultima's Hive without anyone noticing. She gave birth about a week after the battle, and after a short stay in the hospital, had to find a place to stay. She and Wayne bummed a place to stay from Ray Sterling, and are currently dealing with the many problems of baby rearing.

Known powers: Marie, as an Invid, has a few latent powers. First, she can instantly locate any other Invid, and can call on them to aid her. Second, she can call on the knowledge of the Invid Brain to supplement her skills. She is skilled at hand-to-hand combat and is a good mecha pilot. She owns, but rarely uses, a Tornado-class battlesuit.

Description: Marie is of average height and build, and stunningly beautiful. Her hair and eyes are green due to the naturally odd pigmentation common in Stage 5 Invid.

Major Appearances:

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