The Big Time Brewery and Alehouse

4133 University Way NE; Seattle, Washington

The Big Time Brewery and Alehouse is Seattle's finest brewpub. Four to six taps are active at a time, with a constant supply of Atlas Amber, Coal Creek Porter, and a golden ale, supplemented by rotating taps. Frequent offerings include Buster's Brown Ale, Irish Stout, and India Pale Ale. Some of the specialty beers available once or twice a year include Old Rip Oatmeal Stout, Rauchbier (a wonderful smoked ale), and the downright dangerous Old Wooly Barleywine Ale. To top off the treats, every Friday a tap is opened in the early afternoon, containing a cask-conditioned surprise specialty beer. It flows until it's gone, which is rarely more than a few hours.

As if all this were not enough, the Big Time also offers excellent bar fare (including the superb Locomotion nachos, topped with your choice of meat or veggie chili) and a decent jukebox. Mounted high on the wall is a well-preserved tyrannosaur upper torso and head, grinning happily and clutching a half-empty pint glass.

The atmosphere is pleasant; it's a talking bar, not a loud-music-and-dancing bar. The interior walls, ceiling, and floor are all wood, and the decor is made up almost entirely of old beer ads, posters, and trays, with a huge collection of beer bottles lining a shelf that extends almost all the way around the two rooms.

There are two rooms making up the bar. The front room, near the door, is filled with large heavy tables, and has direct access to the bar and the kitchen. The back room, containing small tables and three booths, contains the restrooms and the shuffleboard table.

So what, you ask?

Well. Even if a bar of this quality were not worth discussing in and of itself, the Big Time has still more going for it. It is run by none other than Todd, the Libertarian werewolf bartender. It is the preferred location for Team Cynical's rest and relaxation. It hosted a planning session for Team Cynical, the Defense Squad, and CalForce as they prepared to challenge Radian, the Dark Goddess. It was the site of the famed Gun Avenger's victory over several magi from the Magestrix. It has been thrown into panic and disarray by the kidnapping of High Jinx's son.

It is, in short, a place where things happen.

Stop in for a pint sometime.

Major Appearances:

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