Todd, the Anarchist Revolutionary Werewolf Bartender

Created by: Bill Dickson

Current author: Bill Dickson


Golden Grunion Nominations:

Todd, the anarchist revolutionary werewolf bartender, is the head bartender at the Big Time Brewery and Alehouse in Seattle. In general, he keeps to his bartending duties, which involve serving the finest beer in town, keeping his place in order, and arguing politics in a civilized manner.

Todd is a typical Earthly werewolf, capable of shifting from human form to wolfman form to full wolf form, or holding his shape anywhere in between. He is a particularly large and healthy example of the species; not only does his strength far exceed that of a normal human, but he is stronger than most werewolves and many vampires as well. Largely because of his presence, there are few vampires in Seattle; they acknowledge the region as werewolf territory.

Todd is good friends with the members of Team Cynical, and provides them with generous quantities of free beer, as well as a safe place to relax in public. He allows Dynamite Vest Man and Rainy Day Woman to drink in the bar despite their ages (five and nineteen, respectively).

In human form, Todd is a solid 6' 4", and more than handsome enough for most purposes. He is generally considered Good People, and someone you don't want to get angry.

Once considered a Libertarian, Todd became uncomfortable with the title when he decided he disagreed with the official Libertarian party. He has thus proclaimed himself to be an anarchist revolutionary instead.

Major Appearances:

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