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The Songs of Darkness

Authors: Gary W. Olson, Bill Dickson, and Bill Paul

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"I'm at the turn," Badass said, from his point at the corner of the long corridor. "There's a light from the suite at the far end. Faint, almost phosphorescent."

"That's our suite," Faith said, grimly.

They advanced cautiously. Chalandra, who hear see better than the others with her enhanced vampiric senses, thought she heard a very faint singing, aside from the soundtrack.

They reached the doorway, and advanced through.

"No..." Chalandra whispered, when she saw the scene.

Akane sat on a loveseat in the center of the room, with China cradled in her lap. China's head was tilted back, and Chalandra could see two holes in her neck. Two thin lines of blood had trickled from the holes, across her throat, standing out against her bone white skin. Her eyes were open, and staring, glassily. Dead.

Chalandra tried to move, to rush at Akane, but found that her muscles could not respond. Akane was looking up at them, her lips pulled back in a cold smile to reveal her red-tinted fangs.

She couldn't move.


The phosphorescent glow streamed from Akane as she rose, still carrying the Bone Child. She looked at her teammates, pleasantly.

"You're too late," Akane said, a tiny, dark, playful laugh in her voice. "You put the pieces together, but you're too late. For her...for me...for this world."

She was in front of Chalandra now, looking into her paralyzed eyes.

"The epoch of light is at an end," Akane said, softly. "The blood of the Bone Child has awakened me to my destiny, to transcend the dimensions, to bring an ending to all that is. I will sing of darkness, and transcend the light." She paused.

"Do not fear. You will not survive my transcendence. No one will."

Episodes: 27 (November - December 1993)

Major Characters:

Ever since Radian absorbed the dark magic being used by the evil magicians fighting the Magic Wars, a clock has been ticking. Her radiation generation and manipulation abilities allowed her to use her newfound power with a skill that even the most experienced mage would have found astonishing, but they also opened the door to the corruption that accompanied. Her teammates in CalForce did not realize the warning signs for what they were...

...until that night.

Three murders had been committed. CalForce became concerned that China, a child with bone white skin, was to be the next target, due to the strange power-giving properties inherent in her blood. They left Radian to protect her, as they departed to confront the major suspects.

Upon learning that Radian was the only one who could have committed the murders, they returned, to find the Bone Child dead, and Radian elevated from merely being one of the most powerful heroes on the face of the planet into her destined role: the Dark Goddess.

The Magestrix, an intergalactic guild of mages and magical entities, took notice of the events on Earth, and realizes that their interests are threatened by her bid for Transcendence. Their solution: destroy Earth before she can convert it to pure magic and consume it!

Two of the mightiest groups of heroes on the planet, plus Team Cynical, are banded together to face the twin perils. But how can they stop reality and the Looking Glass Realm from colliding? How can they stop an adversary who can freeze them with a thought? How will they deal with an unstoppable nude Erik Estrada statue?

In the end, it will come down to one man, one gun, and one bullet.

And it won't be enough.

The Songs of Darkness won the 1993 Golden Grunion Award for Best Storyline, and God Is A Bullet won the Grunion for Best Episode. It sewed the seeds of the Industrial Revolution, and served as a launching point for the Radian & Shadebeam series. Many late hours were spent in the writing and planning of it. Many beers and yoo-hoos were consumed. Fall changed into winter. Many mildly interesting things happened in the world outside. Why not visit your local library, so you can... read more about it?

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