Current Author: Louise Freeman


Real Name: Judith Mareen Washington

Judy was a perfectly normal freshman at Dillweed City College of Liberal and Conservative Arts, undecided on a major. Oddly enough, it was her two part-time jobs that led her into her career as a crimefighter. A trained lifeguard, she leapt into Dillweed City's Polluted River to rescue a friend, and was forever transformed. The dormant symbiote that was telepathically linked to her (see Chris Angelini's Tribe of Behn) quickened to protect her from this danger, and gave her the ability to swim not only in the water, but in the air, enabling her to save herself and her friend. Uncertain as how to proceed with her new-found powers, she answered an ad and briefly became a member of the Japan-based Super Seven, joining them for the Caverns of Gratuitous Death Adventure. How that situation resolved itself is not known (go bug Greg Fishbone if you're desperate to know) but it was enough to make her swear off crimefighting for good. She returned to Dillweed City, and back to her second job, that at Tony Steelwood's Legend of Yore comics shop. Note to amateurs: this is not the place to work if you wish to avoid life as a superguy.

When the Maple Leaf Marauder attacked Dillweed City, intent on spreading the Overmind Plague (see Chris Angelini's Winner Take All), young Astatine (of Greg Fishbone's Preteen Patrol) persuaded Judy to lend her services. This led to her first meeting with the Guardians of Rectitude. Windswimmer was discovered to be a carrier of the plague and teamed up with the Guardians to fight it. Afterwards, finding them more pleasant to work with than the Super Seven's corporate bosses, she decided to stick around.


Windswimmer stands 5' 3" and is atheletic, with short curly brown hair and brown eyes. She is an excellent swimmer, and can now propell herself through the air as easily as in water. Her strength also is enhanced when she is "windswimming"; she can lift and throw a full sized man with ease. Her costume is a green bathing suit emblazoned with a "W" over red tights with matching boots and mask.

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