Super Seven

Created by: Greg Fishbone

Current author: Greg Fishbone


Current status: Active. Run began April 21, 1994.

Last updated: 7/31/95

Plot overview

Super Seven chronicles the adventures of the title team as they battle the forces of evil and apathy, searching for just a little respect and their own place in the superhero world.

The Super Seven team was formed by seven then-freshmen at the Dillweed City College of Liberal and Conservative Arts in the spring of 1994. Almost immediately, one of the team's founding members, Sunbeam, died while battling with a giant oatmeal creature named Oatmealzilla, and the group disbanded. The six surviving team members were brought together again during the summer, to battle an interplanetary terrorist on the orbiting Hotel LaGrange, and from there they went on that fall to do battle with criminal mastermind Nobody Important and his Serially Numbered Underlings, who incorrectly believed that the team were the sidekicks of Dillweed City's most reknowned hero, Spoonman. During this time, the team's number returned to seven when they were infiltrated by Nobody Important's Underling Number Six, a genetically engineered clone of Sunbeam. When Number Six died at the end of her 21-day lifespan, the original Sunbeam was able to return and claim her place in the team.

In the late-winter/early spring of 1995, the Super Seven moved to Tokyo, Japan, and gained a corporate sponsorship at Jusanbashi, Inc. There, with professional names, costumes, and equipment, they hoped to finally gain the respect they had been denied back home.

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