Greg Fishbone


Greg is an expatriate Bostonian living in Philadelphia. He began his career as an editor by shredding documents for the United States Government. From there, he moved on to working with the likes of Isaac Asimov and Buzz Aldrin, although he never got to meet either of them face to face. As a writer, he has been fairly prolific, with many stories that have never been published, most of which he hopes nobody ever sees. He has been published in "13' by 9' Literary Journal," "Omni Literary Journal," and "Event Horizon Magazine." He was a contributor and assistant editor on Volume One of the "Starship Alethea" shared-world anthology series, published in 1991. He has two comics stories optioned to Blue Comet Press, which will eventually be published, and he will be writing "Midnight Angel," a monthly title coming in February, 1995 from House of Ru Comics. On Superguy, he writes The Super Seven and the Metaworld series "Pariah." He plans to graduate law school, find the right girl, become a millionaire, and conquer the universe -- not necessarily in that order.

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